Collection: Cellulose Filter Paper

Qualitative and quantitative cellulose filter paper is available in a wide range of grades to meet different separation applications.

Qualitative Cellulose Filters

Qualitative cellulose filter papers perform separation by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the depth of the media. This media is widely used in methods requiring the determination and identification of particulate in both liquids and gas. Also this natural fiber filter paper is commonly used to clarify liquid samples.

Also available in fluted grades, which are easier to use and more convenient than flat filters when used in a filter funnel. This format reduces your preparation time due to its sharply creased prefolded pattern. Widely used for general laboratory separation and clarification applications as well as for soil analysis methods.

Quantitative Cellulose Filters

Quantitative cellulose filter papers are primarily used in gravimetric analysis procedures and perform separations by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the depth of the media. This media family is also widely used in methods to prepare samples for further testing using many types of instrumentation. These very high quality filter papers are manufactured from refined pulp and alpha linters. They are acid washed and have an extremely low ash content.

Qualitative Cellulose Grades

Filter Media Retention Flow Ash Content (%) Basis Weight (g/m2) Thickness (mm)
CFP1 11µm Medium 0.05 86 0.200
CFP2 8µm Medium-Slow 0.05 101 0.170
CFP3 6µm Slow 0.05 190 0.320
CFP4 25µm Fast 0.05 94 0.210
CFP5 2.5µm Slow 0.05 97 0.195
CFP6 3-4µm Slow 0.22 103 0.177


Quantitative Cellulose Grades

Filter Media Furnish/Finish Retention Flow Ash Content (%) Basis Weight (g/m2) Thickness (mm)
CFP40 Cotton/Ashless 8µm Medium <0.01 85 0.200
CFP41 Cotton/Ashless 20µm Fast <0.01 85 0.220
CFP42 Cotton/Ashless 2.5µm Slow <0.01 140 0.170
CFP43 Cotton/Ashless 15-17µm Medium <0.01 85 0.210
CFP44 Cotton/Ashless 3.0µm Slow <0.01 85 0.165
CFP540 Cotton/Ashless/Hardened 7-8µm Medium <0.01 85 0.210
CFP541 Cotton/Ashless/Hardened 21-23µm Fast <0.01 85 0.200
CFP542 Cotton/Ashless/Hardened 2-3µm Very Slow <0.01 85 0.170
CFP50 Cotton/Low Ash/Hardened 2-3µm Slow 0.015 86 0.177
CFP52 Cotton/Low Ash/Hardened 6-7µm Very Slow 0.015 101 0.200
CFP54 Cotton/Low Ash/Hardened 21-23µm Fast 0.015 85 0.200


Filter Media: Nomenclature is serialized and no indication of grade or quality.
Furnish: The raw materials used in the manufacture of the wet laid product.
Ash content: Dry method, determined in exposure at 900ºC in muffle furnace.
Retention: Nominal retention of particulate at 98% efficiency in liquid.
Flow: Liquid flow rate speed relative to other comparable products listed in this product alignment.
Basis weight: Nominal weight of material per meter2 indicated “gram weight” unit of measure at 8% moisture.
Thickness: As measured under 4 psi using TAPPI method T411
Flat/Fluted: Flat stock is supplied as sheets, rolls or die cut parts. Fluted is ¼ or ½ quadrant funnel folding.
Surface: Stated as relative to comparable products listed in this product alignment.
Brightness: Stated as relative to comparable products listed in this product alignment.