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Weighing Paper

Weighing Paper

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  • Convenient dispenser box stores and dispenses product easily for lab bench or shelf storage. Helps keep product free of debris and damage during use.
  • 12x12 sheets are provided in bulk between rigid protective sheets of chipboard for easy dispensing in lab bench drawer.
  • This unique media is an analytical purity grade cellulose based paper designed for conveying powder or gelatinous paste samples to and from balances and instruments.
  • Nitrogen free - ideal for Kjeldahl Digestion methods.
  • The material has sufficient structural integrity to resist tearing during quadrant folding or enveloping.
  • The surface is highly calendared (non treated gloss) to a smoothness which resists sample hold or moisture absorption.
  • A surface texture designed to increase abrasion durability during spatula scraping.
  • This media demonstrates excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility.
  • Material chemistries are verified against a standard using GC techniques prior to paper making process.
  • Other applications include; slip sheets between samples and slides, short term exposure as a moisture barrier, liners within containers, laminating backing for structural support.
  • Great for compounding pastes and gels and replaces need for compounding slab.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Compliant 21 CFR*
  • Download weighing paper product literature now!

  • Semi-opaque, milk white calendared cellulose paper,
  • high gloss, non-absorbent, nitrogen-free.
  • Basis Weight: Target 30lb (per 3000ft2) 48.8 g/m2
  • Range 29.0lb – 31.0lb
  • TAPPI method T410
  • Target Thickness: 0.0015 inch (.05mm) 1.5mil

Download weighing paper product literature now!

*The paper used to manufacture the products mentioned above is not treated with silicone or any other surfactant which is common to grease proof, non-stick, or parchment papers giving a similar appearance. This paper and subsequently the fabricated finished product mentioned is specifically compliant with 21 CFR §176.170 “Paper and paperboard components in contact with aqueous and fatty foods”. Other paragraphs may also be applicable such as §176.180 “Paper/cardboard in contact with dry food and §177.2800 “Textiles & textile fibers for food”.

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