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Quartz Microfiber filter

Quartz Microfiber filter

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Standard or HT (Heat Treated-pre-fired)

Standard version - Grade Quartz-A Fine porosity with a 99.999% efficiency in air filtration for the retention of 2.20µm particles. Flow rate 1.1 - 1.35 m3/min (Resistance 95mmH20@10.5 ft/min). Primarily used in air pollution monitoring, atomic absorption spectroscopy, flame emission spectrometry and other applications where an extremely critical analysis is needed. Effective temperature range of up to 1000 °C. Binderless quartz microfiber

Heat Treated version - Quartz A-HT is same as above but pre-fired using an algorithmically controlled muffle furnace process >850°C. The result yields an annealed filter which is easier to handle and demonstrates a lower initial LOI (loss on ignition) and a higher effective temperature range of up to 1150 °C.

Standard elemental analysis provided via CofC.

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