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NanoGF™ Syringe Filters

NanoGF™ Syringe Filters

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HPLC sample preparation with heavily solids laden samples has never been easier. One single syringe filter demonstrates the loading capacity of 20+ comparably retentive surface membrane devices.

Nano-scale glass microfiber syringe filter – Grade A83

  • HPLC and UHPLC - With a high loading capacity and retention of 0.45µm these syringe filters are ideal for HPLC sample preparations in columns loaded with <0.20 µm media.
  • Better results - The extremely low analyte binding of the Nano-scale borosilicate glass microfiber allows for low background scatter (extractables) and very broad range solvent compatibility.
  • Less waste - These syringe filters have >20x loading capacity of an equivalent porosity MCE, CN, ePTFE or PVDF membrane and >15x the flow rate.
  • Lower operator fatigue - Back pressure is nearly non-existent in comparison to surface membranes reducing fatigue and increasing safety.
  • Hydrophilic for both aqueous and solvent applications.
  • Extremely high surface area with single fiber chemistry – no supplemental materials or metals.
  • Excellent protein recoveries
  • Reduces operator fatigue in syringe filter and manual devices.
  • .Safer operation – reduces possibility of side burst / blow out.
  • Reduces cost – Increases column life & uses fewer filters

Chemically inert, pure binderless borosilicate glass filtration media with no sizing additives or other surfactants. Low background noise in LC/GC/MS and very low extractables in presence of aggressive solvents. High purity PP housing.

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