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Laboratory Absorbent Pads & Wipes

Laboratory Absorbent Pads & Wipes

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Laboratory Absorbent Pads & Wipes

Tremont absorbent wipe

Finally a bench pad and absorbent wipe designed specifically for the demanding laboratory environment. Designed with a complex proprietary fused 100% Polypropylene (PP) fibrous matrix which is a lightweight polyolefin and has an incredibly high chemical resistance. Chemically resistant to most short term exposure of organic solvents as well as acids and alkalis.

  • Lays flat as a bench pad with sufficient stiffness reducing "bunch up" seen with other competing brands. Soft enough to be used as a wipe.
  • Bench pads are 290g/m2 basis weight sufficient to easily handle typical lab bench volume spills up to 600ml safely and quickly. Wipes absorb 50ml+ each.
  • Binding dots accumulate fluids and migrate deeper into the pad allowing fast surface absorption and higher fluid hold saturation.
  • Three convenient standard sizes available. Custom color/size and weight OEM product available.
Application Approx. Dim (in) Approx. Dim (cm) Mass (oz) Mass (gm) Fluid hold (oz) Fluid hold (ml)
LE-HAP-150180-BX Bench pad 15 x 18 38.1 x 45.7 17.8 505 20.2 600
LE-HAP-150900-BX Bench pad / Wipe 9 x 15 22.8 x 38.1 8.8 249 10.1 300
LE-HAP-050450-BX Wipe 4.5 x 5 11.4 x 12.7 1.4 41 1.7 50

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