HydroBlokr™ Serological pipette protection device

HydroBlokr™ Serological pipette protection device

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HydroBlokr™ is a novel filter technology which aids in the reduction of serological pipette sample cross contamination and device failure.

Housing design types (25mm diameter):

Model 1 HydroBlokr

Model 1 Female Leur-Lock with Male Slip Port, high-flow 0.8µm

Model 2 Female Leur-Lock with Male Slip Port, 0.22µm

HydroBlokr Model 2

Model 3 Male Slip Port with Male Slip Port, high-flow 0.8µm

Model 4 Male Slip Port with Male Slip Port, 0.22µm

HydroBlokr Model 5_6

Model 5 Female Slip Port with Male Slip Port, high-flow 0.8µm

Model 6 Female Slip Port with Male Slip Port, 0.22µm


HydroBlokr™ functions via use of proprietarily designed, multi-layered series of membranes placed within an ultrasonically welded device which creates a check-valve effect when wet. The functional membrane within the series immediately reacts in presence of aqueous solution by stopping and blocking further passage1.

The materials create a highly retentive pore structure which helps protect the user environment2. The extraordinarily high flow rates compared to other simple hydrophobic barrier filters creates a high-flow, less restrictive path for vacuum and positive pressure to pass. Unlike simple hydrophobic barrier filters, once HydroBlokr™ is wetted it halts operation and locks out further usage until replaced. No further aspiration is possible, thus helping to protect your sample3 and making it plainly obvious the filter has become wet and replacement is necessary.

Gain Accurate Samples Every time With HydroBlokr™

  • HydroBlokr™ Stops, blocks and locks upon wetting to help reduce incidents of cross contamination via re-introduction of fluids from one aspiration to the next in serological pipette devices.
  • HydroBlokr™ is an advanced filter device offering significant improvement over the often overlooked insufficient components in use by many operators.
  • HydroBlokr™ is a multi-layer barrier which demonstrates higher retention than standard single layer devices.
  • HydroBlokr™ creates less back pressure which helps to extend battery life and reduces wear and tear in motorized units.
  • HydroBlokr™ inserts in the device similarly to that of standard filters, generally in less than 1 minute.
  • Indication of need-to-replace is plainly evident by halted operation.
  • Multiple design configurations are available to match the geometry of a standard filter for broad device compatibility.
  • Compatible with most serological pipette and liquid handling controllers; metered bulb, motorized, premium or budget, imported or domestic.
  • Once inserted the function of the filter is no different from a standard hydrophobic filter until it becomes wetted.
  • Porosities available: 0.80µm high-flow and 0.22µm, sterile and non-sterile versions.
  • Custom configurations and OEM are available.
  • Convenient to use environmentally friendly packaging.
  • I.W. Tremont is a trusted analytical and technical filter supplier founded in 1979 who proudly manufactures in the U.S.A.


1 – Continue to use good laboratory practices and aseptic procedure in sample handling.

2 – Continue to use safety procedures and equipment as required.

3 – No guarantee of sample preservation or contamination protection is implied.


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