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Grade VSS® Binderless 1.50µm Retention glass Microfiber filter

Grade VSS® Binderless 1.50µm Retention glass Microfiber filter

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Grade VSS® - A binder free material manufactured using a proprietary glass chemistry which permits usage in high heat applications beyond typical borosilicate glass blends. Ideally suited for determination of "Fixed & Volatile Solids" Ignited at 550°C Method 2540E. Low fiber shedding improves quality assurance of test results and low percentage of weight loss when used in gravimetric tests. High loading capacity is an attribute of the high surface area and complex pore structure. Material is also compliant with the requirements of standard methods 2540C & 2540D and EPA Method 160.2 for establishing water quality in suspended solids content. Total Suspended Solids (TSS) are defined as those which are retained by a "glass-fiber filter disk without organic binder". Also widely used in air pollution monitoring, high temperature flue gas and filtration of high temperature solvents.

The trademark VSS® is owned by I.W. Tremont Co., Inc. All rights reserved.

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