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Grade A83 NanoGF Binderless 0.50µm Retention glass Microfiber filter

Grade A83 NanoGF Binderless 0.50µm Retention glass Microfiber filter

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Imagine the loading capacity of a binderless glass microfiber filter with the tightly regulated pore size of a microfiltration membrane.

Now it's possible with Grade A83 NanoGF. This new grade has a particle retention of 0.5µm. It has >20x loading capacity of an equivalent porosity MCE or CN membrane and >15x the flow rate. Back pressure is nearly non-existent in comparison to surface membranes.

Chemically inert, pure binderless borosilicate glass with no sizing additives or other surfactants. Low background noise in LC/GC/MS and very low extractables in presence of aggressive solvents. There are many filter materials which make the claim of "nano-scale" fiber, but Grade A83 is tested by an independent laboratory using the latest in fiber analysis and SEM image quantification. With >85% of the fiber content between 300nm -100nm, this material is truly one of the highest surface area binderless glass microfiber products on the market today.

Glass microfiber filters offered in this product range are produced from 100% borosilicate glass microfiber without the use of binders or strengthening agents. These filters offer many advantages in a wide range of analytical applications.

The fibers used to manufacture these depth filters are smooth and uniform. This permits their characteristically high flow rates while allowing retention of exceptionally small particles and high load capacity. These characteristics are particularly important in applications involving high concentrations of particulate or gelatinous substances. In choosing the appropriate filter for a specific application, careful consideration should be given to the physical form and concentration of the material to be captured by the filter.

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