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Disposable Filter Funnels

Disposable Filter Funnels

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Size & Material

Disposable filter funnels help eliminate sample contamination from re-use as well as convenience of project work flow disposal.  Available in either transparent polystyrene or more chemically resistant translucent polypropylene.  

  • Available in 2 sizes, 55mm or 65mm
  • Available in transparent polystyrene (PS) or translucent polypropylene (PP)
  • 60° angle sidewalls for optimal filtration drainage
  • Molded ribs for faster filter flow and drainage

Exclusive LabExact® EASY Filter Sizing Match

LE-PW00001 Disposable Funnel, 55mm, PS (uses 11.0cm filter paper)
LE-PW00002 Disposable Funnel, 65mm, PS (uses 12.5cm filter paper)
LE-PW00003 Disposable Funnel, 55mm, PP (uses 11.0cm filter paper)
LE-PW00004 Disposable Funnel, 65mm, PP (uses 12.5cm filter paper)
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