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Buchner Filter Funnels

Buchner Filter Funnels

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Buchner filter funnels are heavy duty virgin polypropylene (PP) which is highly durable and virtually unbreakable.  Resistant to corrosion and heat.  Utilizes flat disk filters of either cellulose, glass microfiber or polymeric membranes in analytical chemistry and separation applications.  The two piece design makes them easy to clean as well as removal and replacement of the filter without removing the conical portion from filter flask or bench top rack.

  • Highly chemical resistant
  • FDA grade - Direct Food Contact PP
  • Autoclave compatible to 120°C
  • Two-piece design snaps together or separates with an audible lock
  • Perforated filter bed supports the filter fully with sufficient drainage
  • Perfect for cellulose, glass microfiber or membrane filter disks

Exclusive LabExact® EASY Filter Sizing Match

LE-PW00029 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 45mm (uses 47mm filter disk)
LE-PW00030 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 55mm (uses 50mm filter disk)
LE-PW00031 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 70mm (uses 70mm filter disk)
LE-PW00032 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 80mm (uses 80mm filter disk)
LE-PW00033 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 90mm (uses 90mm filter disk)
LE-PW00034 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 110mm (uses 110mm filter disk)
LE-PW00035 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 160mm (uses 150mm filter disk)
LE-PW00036 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 240mm (uses 240mm filter disk)
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