Collection: LabExact® Syringe Filters with H&V Trupor® Membrane


What are the advantages of H&V Trupor® membrane?

This innovative design yields best-in-class performance. 

  1. LabExact® Trupor® syringe filters demonstrate back pressure reduction by >50% versus comparable porosity cast membrane making them easier to use, causing less operator fatigue, reducing the instances of sample-fouling integrity failure, reducing the internal device pressures, and decreasing the need for overmolding of the housing designs.
  2. Significantly higher loading capacity, therefore the same filter can be utilized for greater sample volumes.
  3. LabExact® Trupor® syringe filters demonstrate loading capacity >40% versus comparable porosity cast membrane. Larger sample volumes can be prepared with one syringe filter reducing your cost in sample preparation, increasing workflow and decreasing waste disposal.
  5. Trupor PES 020micron Backpressure chart     Trupor PES 045 micron Backpressure chart
  6. H&V Trupor® membrane shows a significantly lower back pressure
    and greater particle loading capacity versus comparable porosity cast film membrane.

    Comparitive retention chart PES 0.45 micron

  7. A high precision pore uniformity making it an ideal choice for critical separation applications.
    The advantages of lower back pressure and greater loading capacities do not compromise precision pore structure. In fact, LabExact® Trupor® syringe filter retention testing demonstrates equal or greater consistency to many leading polymeric cast film membranes on the market today. You can feel secure that samples are being separated to the target retention consistently from device-to-device and lot-to-lot.

LabExact® 25mm PP ultrasonically welded luer-lok / slip port reduced dead volume barrels

Manufactured proudly in the United States.